Forestry is the practice that intergrates reforestation, nurturing, growing, and harvsting of trees while protecting soil, water quality, wildlife, and plant habitat.  As forest and property managers we develope forest management plans tailored especially to your property, and implement that plan for long term management agreements.  Resforestation, ensures that your investment in forestland will create a valuable return in the future for you, and your children for generations to come.

Property Management:

Forest Management Plans - Tailored to your Property

Forest Inventory and Appraisals

Timber Sales


Wildlife Management and Enhancement

Hunting Leases

Control Burning

Boundary Line Establishment and Maintenance

Timber Sales:

Mark and Measure each tree

Prepare itemized sales prospectus

Advertise- send prospectus to known timber buyers

Conduct lump-sum sealed bid sale

Require performance bond

Retain right to refuse any and all bids

Close sale and collect proceeds

Police sale though the cutting operations

Make final inspection

BMP compliance requirements

Timber Inventory:

We will cruise you property and prepare a complete list of all merchantable timer and the corresponding values.  This will give you the knowledge of your timber stands and values, so that Forest Management Plans can be wisely made.